Mrs D Gibb AIDTA BT - Principal

Mrs Gibb joined the School at the age of seven, and progressed with Geraldine to take her first teachers exam as a teenager. She is now the owner of the school, teaching Ballet to all ages and Tap to some classes. She has had a number of roles in dance outside of the school, including appearing in a number of musicals as well as choreographing dances and shows around the South East.

Mr Andy AIDTA MJ, F - Principal

Andy joined the school as a child and learnt Ballet and Tap. After a break from dancing during his teenage years, he returned at the age of 19, and is pleased to have progressed to the role of a teacher. He has performed in numerous musicals and reviews around the south-east and has toured with productions to France on a few occasions too. Andy is also experienced with lifts and has been called into schools and colleges around the UK to teach this topic. Andy has also choreographed a number of dances and shows for local groups.

Miss LucyMiss Lucy Int BT, MJ, Tap - Guest Teacher

Lucy joined the school at the age of 6. She is now studying Musical Theatre at Northbrook College, and is also working towards her teaching examinations, firstly in Ballet. She is highly experienced in Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz and Contemporary, Freestyle as well as being a confident singer and actress. She has performed in many venues including at Disney in Paris. Miss Lucy returns to the school as an occasional Guest teacher

Mrs Rachel AIDTA (F), BA(Hons) (QTS) EYPS

Mrs Rachel studied at our school for a number of years and gained her dance teachers qualification with us. She is also a fully qualified teacher and currently teaches reception full time at a local school. Rachel brings her knowledge and experience of working with children and combines it with her passion for the arts.

Hannah RochellMiss Hannah AIDTA F, Int BT, ADV1 BT, Int MJ- Guest Teacher

Hannah danced with the Academy from the age of 3 till she went off to professional dance college at the age of 16. Although she excels at all dance styles, it is in contemporary dance that she shines most brightly, and she is currently in Jasmine Vardimon 2 company. We are delighted that she comes back and teaches as a guest teacher for us between her other commitments.