The school was founded in 1953, and it is now one of the longest running in the Tonbridge area. It was originally named after it's founder, Gerandine Fox.

Lessons have been held in many venues over the years, Fisher Hall, Various Village Halls, even rooms above shops in the high street until we moved into a longer term home at the YWCA building in Lyons Crescent. In 2014, the YWCA building was closed, and we are currently teaching at a number of halls in the area.

Diana Gibb, a pupil of Geraldine's from an early age, used to help with classes. Diana went on to gain her teaching qualification and became assistant teacher to Geraldine.

Over the years, Geraldine and Diana have successfully taken thousands of pupils from the Tonbridge area through exams, and given them opportunities to perform on stage at annual shows. Many past students have gone on to work in the Performing Arts industry, whether it be professional performing, or teaching.

The pupils have not always been children either. Our Adult classes are very popular, and many come along to enjoy the friendly family atmosphere that has become part of the school.

In 2000, Geraldine announced her retirement from the school and Diana took over. Diana has continued in the tradition of high quality dance lessons and shows.

Andrew Gibb (Diana's Son) has also been learning at the school for many years and is now a qualified teacher in several subjects. He inroduced Musical Theatre, Funky Street/Freestyle and Modern Jazz genres to the school and is now assistant principal.

In February 2015, we were delighted to receive the Council for Dance Education and Training's "Recognised School" status.

Our key objective is to offer performers of any age the chance to make friends at fun classes whilst learning safe techniques. Helping pupils to achieve their ambitions and building valuable life skills such as confidence and imagination.

Dance (and musical theatre) is an amazing subject - it's diverse, fresh, powerful and fun. Anyone can join in, whatever their background.

If you aspire to work in the industry, we have credible evidence of our success here too. A number of our recent ex-students have moved on into the professional industry, and we have successfully trained a number of teachers.

If you have any queries about the school, please do use the Contact Us page.